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How COVID-19 will impact teacher willingness to travel abroad

In the aftermath of a global pandemic, will teachers still be willing to travel abroad to teach? Our survey results give reason to be optimistic about international teachers remaining abroad and new teachers beginning their teach abroad journey.

How to appeal to international teachers in 2021

Educators of all levels of experience continue to be drawn to the opportunity to travel abroad to teach. Our report touches on the key reasons why teachers still want to teach abroad amid a global pandemic, their foremost concerns and what you can do to alleviate them. 

How to build an attractive compensation package post-COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused teachers to re-evaluate how they think about their compensation packages. Our report shares what teachers value in a compensation package and the benefits they’re prioritizing most since the onset of COVID-19.





The impact of COVID-19 on international teacher recruitment

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 International Education Recruitment Report

Teach Away's International Education Recruitment Report provides key hiring insights for schools, such as understanding what candidates truly value, what attracts them, and what helps retain them. School leaders can use these insights to improve recruitment and retention programs. I would recommend this report to any school leader looking for an advantage in an increasingly competitive recruitment market.

Kevin Ruth

Executive Director

Data-driven insights to help you successfully recruit amid the pandemic

How to reach and hire candidates post-COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted how each of us goes about many aspects of our daily lives. For teaching candidates, how they’re searching for new jobs is no exception. Our report outlines how teaching candidates are looking for their next opportunity and the recruitment methods you need to be using to reach them.


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Based on a survey of more than 8,500 current and prospective international teachers 

Full of practical recommendations to help you navigate recruitment in unprecedented times

Supported by analysis and advice from experts in international education recruitment

The onset of COVID-19 has made the job of international teacher recruitment even more difficult. The global pandemic brought border closures, travel restrictions and a whole host of unprecedented challenges to school heads and recruitment personnel.

However, signs of a promising future are just on the horizon.

Borders will reopen, planes will fly and teachers will once again travel to international schools around the world.

To ensure you’re prepared when that day comes, we surveyed thousands of current teachers and future teaching candidates to understand everything from how they feel about teaching abroad to how their job search behaviors have changed.

Now, we’re sharing what we learned and what it means for your school’s recruitment in 2021.

Our report addresses the biggest questions international schools have about international teacher recruitment in 2021.