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International Education Recruitment Report

Data-backed insights to make hiring teachers easier this year.


More than a million education professionals and aspiring international teachers visit Teach Away every year to develop new teaching skills, find job opportunities and build their careers.

Each year, we survey our international teacher community on topics ranging from what they’re looking for in a new job (and where they go to find it) to their thoughts on what makes them want to stay at a school.

Now, we’re sharing what we learned over the course of developing this report, and what that means for your school’s recruitment and retention processes.

We did the research

We explored the experience prospective teachers go through as they search, apply and interview for jobs and how the quality of that experience is affecting your school’s ability to hire and retain the best educators.

Here’s a sampling of the questions our annual report can help you answer:

For the second year in a row, online channels beat out in-person job fairs as the preferred method of finding jobs. Of the online job search methods available to candidates, education job boards took the top spot, followed closely by Google.

Our research shows it’s not all about the money or perks for candidates. Teachers are keen to join international schools that offer programs designed to refine their current teaching skills, while learning new ones.

Europe, Asia and Latin America again emerged as the three most popular regions for candidates this year, with respondents citing the excellent travel and cultural opportunities as the main draw. But don’t worry if you’re located outside of these regions — we’ve got plenty of recommendations to help you gain a competitive edge.

Am I really making the most of my recruitment budget?

Is my school in a desirable location (and if not, what can I do about it)?

Is my employer brand focused on the wrong things?


Is it time to rethink my recruitment strategy?

Whether it’s Millennials, Gen Z or the generations to follow, it is critical to rethink your recruiting strategy to be able to reach candidates in the way they want to be communicated with and with clear messaging that speaks to their values.

Am I offering candidates the seamless experience they expect?

91% of candidates agree that your hiring process has a significant impact on how favorably they view your school as a potential employer, it's time to figure out the missteps that could be damaging your reputation as an employer of choice.

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