Say goodbye to wasted time and money spent hiring this year. 
With an annual Teach Away subscription, you can:

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Connecting you with the right teachers, wherever they are in the world.  

Hiring teachers is hard.

We make it easier.

Join the 2,000+ schools around the world who trust Teach Away to make hiring teachers easier, faster and more cost effective. 

the traffic of our competitors

applications each month

community of educators

new teachers each month

6 times




Spend less. Hire more.

Join the 2,000+ schools that trust Teach Away to help them hire great teachers, including:

Find the teachers you’ve been looking for.


Request a demo and talk to us!


Reduce your cost per hire

Post unlimited jobs and hire all the teachers you need for one set cost.

Build your school's brand

A custom web page for your school drives applications from informed candidates.

Make ongoing hiring easier

Hire on demand by building your own talent pool of qualified candidates.

Get dedicated support

Your dedicated team of recruitment consultants are here to make sure your hiring needs are met every step of the way.

The number of candidates that have been driven to our database has drastically increased since we started working with Teach Away. We had over 400 teaching positions across our group this year and well over 50% of the qualified candidates that we interviewed came from Teach Away. 

Through Teach Away we have been able to lower our cost per acquisition with the fixed annual fee and have found it to be excellent value for money.


ECIS member schools will also receive a special rate on our premium subscription package as well as:

Online job fairs
Log on and discover a pool of great teachers waiting to meet you -- without having to incur additional travel and accommodation costs.

Database access
Fill your specialist roles faster by finding and contacting educators who meet your exact hiring criteria from our active teacher database.

Applicant tracking system
 Everything you need to manage the entire recruiting process, automate time-consuming tasks and make informed hiring decisions, all in one easy-to-use hub.

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